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SS Bring Us Together

What is a network? A way to connect computers
A country's official song? National Anthem
What is a settlement house? A neighborhood center for new immigrants
What is freedom? Liberty
What is a modem? A modem allows computers to send information through telephone lines.
What is a principle? A rule to decide how to behave.
Symbol An object that stands for something else.
What is a Food Drive? When people work together to gather and collect food for the hungry.
Name four ways that we can work together to help other people. Food Drive, United Nations Children Fund, Walk for Hunger, Playground
What is a CD ROM? a compact disc with memory
What is the internet? com puter network
What is the superhighway? electronic network
What is a computer? electronic device for storing information and data
What is email? Messages sent electronically from one computer to another through a network
Name a symbol that represents our freedom. The Bald Eagle
What does our American flag represent? The fifty states of our country
What does the Liberty Bell stand for? Our independence
What does the Great Seal stand for. Freedom and Peace
What does Habitat for Humanity Stand for? What do they do? Its a group of volunteers that build houses for people who need them for a low price .
How is the money for CROP used? The money is used to buy food for people that are hungry. It is used to buy tools for farming and train people to grow their own food.
What group of people came to the United States as slaves from 1600's and 1800's? African americans from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Angola.
Why did so many Irish Immigrants come to the US in the 1840's? Their crop of potatoes failed in Ireland. They were farmers make a living.
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
Why is being a volunteer so important? It is important to volunteer so we can help others. Elderly and people who are hungry need help.
Created by: lvolpe
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