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US ch 14-17

Depression and WWII

President Hoover (response to Depression) Believed in "Rugged Individualism" - people should succeed as a result of their own efforts- government should be hands off
Causes of Great Depression unequal distribution of wealth buying on credit overproduction ( both farms and industries) High tariffs and war debt
"Consumer Culture" of the 1920s was brought on by advertising and the start of installment payment
Bonus Army Were WWI veterans who went to Washington DC to protest in favor of getting their Bonus. When the Bill was defeated, the Bonus Army did not leave Washington. Hoover sent troops to evict them and they used gas. This decision made Hoover extremely unpopular
New Deal FDR's policies to solve the depression. 3 Rs- Relief, reform, recovery Government providing direct relief to people Government creating work programs "Alphabet soup" programs
Securities Exchange Commission Regulates the Stock Market- MAIN GOAL- to increase public trust in the markets
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Built damns to generate electricity in the Tennessee Valley- helped to create jobs and also modernize this LARGE RURAL area
Neutrality Acts based upon US desire to stay neutral
appeasement policy in which one country gives in to the demands of another country to AVOID CONFLICT. Britain and France used appeasement with Germany and it failed.
Cash and Carry Lend-Lease Act allowed the US to aid the allies without becoming directly involved in WWII
rationing dividing up of goods in order to ensure adequate supplies of scarce items
Nuremberg trials one can be held responsible for actions during wartime
Atomic bomb was used mainly To bring the war to a SPEEDY CONCLUSION and prevent Further Loss of LIFE and further destruction
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