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Chapter 11 Vocab

technology equipment that makes use of advanced knowledge and skill to solve a problem or do a task
cotton gin a machine that removes seeds from cotton fiber
interchangeable part a part of a machine or device that can be replaced by another, identical part
patent sole legal right to an intervention and it profits
capitalism economic system in which people and companies own the means of production
capital money or other items, such as machines or buildings, used to create wealth
free enterprise a type of economy in which people are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want
element part of a larger whole
census the official count of a population
reveal to show
turnpike road on which tolls are collected
region an area defined by a feature or characteristic
canal an artificial waterway
lock separate compartment in which water levels rise and fall in order to raise or lower boats on a canal
intense very strong
internal within the country
sectionalism rivalry based on the special interests of different areas
monopoly a market where there is only one provider
interstate commerce economic activity taking place between two or more states
cede to transfer control of something
sovereign one who holds power
tedious boring
stoicism the quality of not reacting to pleasure or pain
elephantine having great size
profane not religious
prodigal wasteful
prodigious large in size or quantity
magnanimous noble, generous
heyday the peak of one's strength
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