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Chapter 7 S.S

A study guide to help you get a good grade

Who was Andrew Jackson? A general and future president who won the Battle of New Orleans.
Oliver Hazard Perry won which battle? The Battle of Lake Erie.
Who was Dolley Madison? A famous and popular first lady during the war of 1812.
Who was Francis Scott Key the author of? The Star Spangled Banner.
Who was James Monroe? A U.S. president who told European powers to stay out of the Americans.
What was the Battle of Baltimore? An event that inspired our National Anthem.
What was the Louisiana purchase? More than doubled the size of the United States.
What does disarmament mean ? A removal of weapons.
What is Court Material? A trial by a military court.
What is Nationalism? Loyalty to a nation and its interests above all others.
What are neutral rights? The right to not have to take sides in a war or conflict.
What does embargo mean? A government order preventing trade with certain countries.
Demilitarize means what? To remove armed forces from an area.
What two parties run the government now? Republicans and Democrats.
Give an example of continuity in History? Something that has not changes over time such as the capital being in Washington D.C.
What did the Allen and Sedition act do that was viewed negatively by Democratic Republicans? Made it a crime to criticize the government.
Tell either why a two party system is a good or bad idea? I think its in the middle because people are allowed to have more than just two parties to vote for. Whatever religion they believe in they should be able to do that.
Created by: kendall_swim