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which small territory contains Australia's national capital? Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
What is most of Australia's east coast used for? Manufacturing and trade
What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
What is the large desert region in Australia called? The Outback
Where is most industry and agriculture located in Australia? Coastal Areas
What type of farming is located in the eastern region of Australia? Commercial farming
What is unique about the Great Barrier Reef? Largest coral reef in the world
85% of Australia's land is taken up by what region? The Outback
What types of ranching are found mainly on the grasslands? Sheep and Cattle
What is a monolith? A single, large rock sticking out of the Earth
How are the seasons different in Australia from the US? They are the opposite;Summer is December-March; Winter is June- September
What is the remote countryside of Australia called? The Bush
Most of Australia is what type on climate? Desert
What economic activity is important in the Outback? Mining
Why do most Australians live on the eastern Coast? Access to rivers and good climate
Why did many immigrants move to South Australia in the mid-19th century The Gold Rush
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