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3rd grade chapter 8

3rd grade history chapter 8 test

People who rushed to California in search of gold forty-niners
people who were the first to settle an area pioneers
people who gained the most money from the California gold rush merchants
people who get natural resources from the earth miners
The actual distance between two places on a map can be found by using a ______. map scale
A small map or globe that shows where an area is located in the world is called a ___________. locator map
The British and Americans decided the border for Oregon Country would be on the _____. 49th parallel
In the Battle of San Jacinto, as Houston's soldiers attacked, they yelled ______________. "Remember the Alamo!"
People in Texas decided to fight against Santa Anna to bring back the Mexican Constitution of 1824
President of Texas Sam Houston
Leader of the Mormons Brigham Young
Doctor for the Cayuse people Marcus Whitman
President of Mexico Santa Anna
Wrote Christian writings and songs in the Nez Perce language Henry and Eliza Spalding
Why did Polk want to take California? it had excellent port cities
What war was fought in 1846 Mexican-American War
What did some Americans dislike about how Polk started the Mexican-American war They thought the war was unjust and that it was the wrong way to get more land.
What caused California's population growth in 1849 gold rush
The belief that God gave Americans all the land between the two oceans is called manifest destiny
replaced Whigs with Democrats in the national government John Tyler
Died while in office William Henry Harrison
Wanted to increase the borders of the United States James K Polk
Name 2 advantages the Americans had in the Mexican-American war Better guns and cannons; better leaders
Name on advantage the Mexicans had in the Mexican-American war Had more soldiers, blocked the road to Mexico City
What did America gain as a result of the Mexican-American war more land
Why did some slave owners not take their slaves to California Feared the slaves would run away to mine for gold
Created by: calbright