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Mead Hall

The End of the World

What symptoms did the people with the mysterious illness have They had headaches and fevers, coughed and sneezed, pains in their arms and legs, and swollen lumps under their arms
When people in the villages along the Black Sea grew sick, whom did they blame for bringing the sickness Foreigners or Italian merchants
How did the attackers get the sickness inside the city of Caffa They threw dead bodies into the city with catapults
By what name did the people call this terrible, unstoppable sickness The Black Death
Giovanni Boccaccio described the Black Death in his book Decameron. What happened to the pigs he wrote about They died after sniffing the clothes of a beggar
Boccaccio says that people reacted to the plague in two ways, what were the two ways They shut themselves into their houses and would not come out, or they pretended nothing was wrong
What is the real name for the Black Death The Bubonic Plague
Years later, what did scientists determine was the real source of the plague Fleas on Rats
What're some of the reasons that people of the Middle Ages gave for the plague God's Judgement, Evil Spirits, Bad Food, and Earthquakes
What happened to farms during the Black Death Fields grew weedy, Grain was not harvested, Animals turned wild or died
Why did the peasants and farmers become wealthier after the plague So many peasants died that workers and farmers were able to demand higher wages
Why did the Noblemen become poorer after the Plague They could not afford to have all of their land farmed because the peasants demanded higher wages, resulting in the estates of the Noblemen shrinking
Because so many of the country villages were wiped out where did the survivors go to live The Cities (urbanization)
How did the Black Death change the land itself Forests grew up in fields because there were not enough people to farm the fields
What happened to the empty houses in the country Peasants moved into some of them and became the new owners
How did apprenticeship change after the Black Death An Apprentice did not have to study as long to become a craftsman
Created by: tbostwick
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