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Africa Econ & people

where people live and economics

Where is desertification the greatest challenge in Africa? Sahel
Where has deforestation been the biggest problem? Nigeria
What are some major exports of South Africa? diamonds and gold
What has been a major economic problem in Nigeria and S. Africa? poverty and unemployment
What country in Africa has mostly a command economy? Kenya
What term means a lack of rain? drought
What has been the biggest reason for deforestation in Africa? commercial logging
In which region of Africa are camels used as transportation? Sahara
What physical feature attracts people in the Savanna? rivers
What term means land that can be used to grow crops? arable
The decrease in oxygen in the atmosphere has been caused by what? deforestation
What term describes a wide variety pf animals and plants in a ecosystem? biodiversity
Which region of Africa is the least populated? Sahara
What industry does Nigeria specialize in? oil
What is one human cause of desertification? allowing animals to overgraze
Poor roads are a major problem in which African region? rainforest
Which African country has a per capita GDP of over $11,000 South Africa
Which region has both a rainy and a dry season? savanna
literacy rate the number of people in a country over 15 that can read and write
Standard of living how well off people live- how much money they make
capital goods things like machines used to make products
human capital the people used to make goods
oil distribution in Africa countries like Nigeria and in the Mille East like Saudi Arabia have lots of oil
entrepreneurs people who start their own companies- market economies encourage businesses to grow
parliamentary democracy government where the leader is chosen by the legislature
autocracy a king or queen that has total power ( one ruler)
mixed economy they have some command and some traditional or market economies
market economy citizens make economic decisions ( 3 questions)
command economy government make all economic decisions
partitioning the dividing up of Africa- Called the Scramble of Africa
Pan- African movement the idea to bring all Africans together and end colonial rule
nationalism pride in ones nation and a sense of identity to your country
deforestation cutting down the forest
desertification growth of the desert especially in the Sahel
ethnic group people who share a common history, language and customs
apartheid the separation of races in South Africa that caused discrimination to the black African people
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