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History vocab 7

Louis XVI He came to power in 1774-1792. He was executed by the guillotine in 1793 for treason. He spent lavishly and ran up a lot of debt and thought he had divine right to rule.
Mary Antoinette She married King Louis XVI. She was Austrian and was unpopular with the French because of her spending and involvement in court affairs.
Old Regime The social and political system of France were divided into three large social classes of estates. They were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd estate.
Estates General An assembly of representitives from all three estates.
Robespierre He was a Jacobin leader. He started The Reign of Terror. He governed as a dictaror and led The Committee of Public Safty.
Reign of Terror A time when Robespierre tried to wipe out the Old Regime through persecution and violence against citizens and royalty.
Olympe de Gouge A playwright and author who demanded equal rights for women and critized Robespierre and was executed.
Bastille A Paris prison that held political prisoners. The storming of Bastille, July 14, 1789 is celebrated as French independence.
Napoleonic Code unified systm of laws and elimnated many injustices. Limited liberty, promoted order, and Autority over indivual right, for example freedom of speech was taken away.
National Assembly The 3rd estate declared themselves the National Assembly which abolished the monarchy.
Tennis Court Oath The 3rd estate delegates took an oath at the king's tennis court because the king had locked them out. They took an oath to stay and work until a new constitution was made.
mertiocracy A system created by Napoleon in which people earn their position based on ability and not social rank.
Great Fear Early in the reblion peasents feared persecution from the nobles. The peasents stormed or burned the homes of nobles to destroy feudal dues.
Emigres Nobles and people of influence who fled France and hoped to restore the Old Regime.
Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen Adopted by the National Assembly, it guaranteed citizens equal justice, freedom of speech, and religion.
San-culottes Parisian workers and shopkeepers who wanted more change from the Revolution. They resorted to intimidation and violence.
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