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Most Common on Earth Oxygen
Most Common in Universe Hydrogen
Most Common metal on Earth Aluminum
Best Conductor Silver
Lightest Element Hydrogen
Lightest Solid Element Lithium
Liquid at room temperature Mercury and Bromine
Lowest melting point Helium
Thermometer Galileo
Telescope Lippershey
Barometer Torricelli
Pendulum clock Huygens
Mercury thermometer Fahernheit
Lightning rod Franklin
Spinning Jenny Hargreaves
Spinning Frame Arkwright
Spinning Mule Crompton
Hot Aire Balloon Montgolfier
Electric Battery Volta
Canning Appert
Vulcanized Rubber Goodyear
Bicycle Macmillan
Safety Pin Hunt
Gyroscope Foucault
Passenger Elevator Otis
Steel Production Bessemer
Cylinder Lock Yale
Gramophone Edison
Cash Register Ritty
Fountain pen Waterman
Vaccuum Flask Dewar
Adding Machine burroughs
Gas Engine Daimler
Car with gas engine Benz
Pneumatic tire Dunlop
Photographic Film Eastman
Zipper Judson
Escelator Reno
Xray Roentgen
Airship Von Zeppelin
Radio Marconi
Electric Vacuum Booth
Electrodcardiograph Einthoven
Fax Machine Korn
Neon Light claude
Electric Shaver Schick
Ballpoint pen Biro
Nylon Carrothers
Helicopter Sikorsky
Polaroid camera Land
Transistor Brittain, Bardeen, Shockley
Moh 1 Talc
Moh 2 Gypsum
Moh 3 Calcite
Moh 4 Fluorite
Moh 5 Apetite
Moh 6 Feldspare
Moh 7 Quartz
Moh 8 Topaz
Moh 9 Corundum
Moh 10 Diamond
Ability of a mineral to resist scratches Hardness
Moh’s scale is a relative scale to measure this Hardness
Shows the color of the powdered mineral Streak
Performed by rubbing the mineral specimen across an unglazed porelain tile streak
Appearance of light reflected from the surface of rock Luster
Tendency to split along certain planar orientations Cleavage
Tendency to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces Fracture
Describes the appearance of a perfect crystal crystal
Field test for density Heft
Measured by comparing two samples in the hand Heft
Measured by measuring both volume and mass of sample and calculating Heft
Measure of density of rock compared to equal amount of water Specific Gravity
Rock that is not heavier than water Pumice
Ability of mineral to transmit light of a different wavelength that is used to illuminate specimen Fluorescence
Phosphorescence Elements that continue to emit light after the source is removed.
Produces double image of object viewed through it Double Refraction
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