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Chapter 16

What did the pacific northwestern indians us for their resources? They used the ocean, and the forests.
What is the potlatch? It was a ceremony in which wealthy families could show their rank and prosperity by giving food, drink, and gifts to the community.
What was the southwest native americans conditions in their region like? It was hot and dry.
Where did the Anasazi build their homes? built groups of houses in the shallow caves the broke up the rocky walls of deep canyons in the region.
What were the Northeastern Native Americans like? They fought for control of land. Groups formed alliances to put an end to any fighting.
Were there slaves in the Mayan society? No, there wasn't.
How many gods did they have? They had one God for each day.
Did the Mayans sacrifice things? Yes, they sacrificed their enemies. They would also cut themselves for their gods.
How many calenders did they have? They had 2 calenders.
Wat were the 3 ways the Mayans declined? Wars stopped trade. It scared people to go into the jungle. They overused the natural resources because the places were overpopulated. Then farmed to much and they ran out of soil and resources. They lost faith in their God-Kings, left cities.
What was the first city in the Valley of Mexico? The first city-state was Teotihuacan.
Who were the next people to live in that area? The next people were the Toltecs.
When did the Aztecs take over this area? They took over this area in 1200 A.D.
When did the Aztecs have the biggest empire and about how many people lived ther? It was the biggest in the 1500's and had about 5 million to 15 million people, the size of New York City.
How did the Aztecs decline? They declined by hhaving rebellions of the people that conquered them and then the Spainish came and conquered them.
Where were the Incas located? They were located in the Andes Mountain of South America.
Who was the ruler related to? They were related to the sun god, Inti.
How long did the Inca rule this area? They rued for 200 years.
What was the "city in the sky" called? It was called Machu Picchu.
Did the Inca have a writing system? No, they did not.
Created by: 21hodell
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