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US His - Roaring 20s

vocabulary list

Red Scare Fear of Communist ideas spreading to the US
Strike When workers stop working in protest of low wages, long hours and poor conditions
Bootlegging Illegal production and distribution of alcohol
Speakeasies Secret clubs where people went to drink alcohol during Prohibition
18th Amendment Made alcohol illegal to make, drink, and transport.
19th Amendment Women gain the right to vote
21st Amendment Made alcohol is no longer illegal in the United States
Flapper Nickname for women of the time that challenged society's ideas by drinking, smoking, and dancing.
Great Migration Movement of thousands of African American families from the South to Northern cities in search of jobs and a better life
Installment Plan Method of payment using credit to buy now and pay later
Harlem Renaissance Location in New York where African Americans experienced a cultural revival in arts, music, and literature.
Ku Klux Klan Political group that targeted groups such as African Americans, Catholics, Jews, and other immigrants
Model T Most popular car built by Henry Ford
Organized Crime Groups that used violence to gain control of illegal businesses such as alcohol, gambling, and prostitution.
Radio New invention that led to spread of mass cultural ideas
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