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Noctic Study Stack#3

Noctic Nursery and Landscape

The size of particles that make up the soil is known as soil_________. Texture
A method of plant propagation in which the tissues of one plant are encouraged to fuse with another is known as Grafting
What is the maximum number of plants, with 4-inch on-center spacing, needed ti fill an area 4 feet by 4 feet? 144
A grass that thrives well in colder regions of the United States is ______________. Ryegrass
When working with herbicides, protective equipment that shoild be worn includes_________________. Safety Goggles
Proper spacing of sprin klers is crucial in achieving uniform water applications. For a newly planted sod lawn it is determined that 12 irrigation sprinklers are needed. Each rotary sprinkler applies 4.5 gallons of water per hour. 567 Gallons
If irrigation is turned on for30 minutes each day, how many gallons of water will be used during the first 3 weeks. __________ 567 Gallons
Jenni is preparing for a job with a local company that maintains the grounds for several large corporations in the surrounding county. Nursery/Landscape
Her job will require a strong knowledge of plant growth requirements and upkeep, including pest identification and control. Which FFA CDE listed below is best suited for Jenni to prepared for her new job? Nursery/Landscape
After use, landscape hand tools such as shovels, rakes, and pitch forks should be stored upright in a rack or on the wall to_________. Avoid Stepping on Them
The word florida in the binomial name Cornus florida (dogwood) is the__________________. Species
Selecting lower growing trees for landscaping around a ranch house is an example of___________________. Proportion
What type of plant should be selected to provide year round color in foundation plantings? Evergreen Shrubs
When selecting plants to landscape around septic systems, which plant characteristic is most important? Size and Type of Root System
Woody shrubs that bloom in the spring should be prunded at what time? After Blooming in the Spring
When pricing a product, what factors must be considered Materials, Labor, Overhead, and Profit
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