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Nationalism Regional

US Nationalism Regional 1800 to 1840s

Nat Turner Leader of the 1831 Virginia slave rebellion that resulted in 55 dead white slave owners and their families.
Henry Clay Nationalist wanted to promote US independence & self-sufficiency. Proposed the American System of: protective tariffs to encourage buying US-made products, a 2nd National Bank & an improved system of transportation. Suggested the Missouri Compromise.
James Monroe 5th president (1817-1825) of the US who oversaw the westward expansion of the US and strengthened its foreign policy when he announced the Monroe Doctrine.
Rush-Bagot Agreement (1817) It limited US and British naval forces on the Great Lakes and set the 49th parallel as the dividing line between the USA and Canada
Adam-Onis Treaty (1819) Agreement that gave Florida to US & defined border w/ Spain. Florida became a burden, which Spain couldn't afford. Established US boundary across the Rocky Mountains & West to the Pacific Ocean. It was considered a victory of US diplomacy.
Mason-Dixie Line Part of the boundary between slave territory and free territory. It symbolizes the cultural divide between the South and the North.
Missouri Compromise 1820 agreement to maintain balance of power between slave and free states
Monroe Doctrine American foreign policy that opposed interference of European leaders and former world powers in the Western Hemisphere
McCulloch v. Maryland Established that Congress has the right to establish a bank and states do not have the right to tax the federal government or its national bank.
Gibbons v. Ogden A Supreme Court decision that stated that interstate commerce could be regulated only by the federal government not by the state governments. It involved 2 steamboat companies fighting over access to the waterway between NY & NJ.
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