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8A Industrialization


What was the economic impact of the War of 1812? Imports of goods from Europe stopped
How did the War of 1812 affect American businesses? Americans had to learn to produce their own goods.
What was the effect of the British stopping American ships and impressing sailors prior to the War of 1812? International trade stopped
What is a cottage industry? Small business operated out of your home
How did the water mill change American manufacturing? The water mill provided power to operate textile mills. This is the beginning of the factory.
Why were early American factories located near rivers? Two reasons: water was needed to power the mills and waterways made it easy to move goods to markets.
What was America's largest industry in the early 1800s? Textiles - growing cotton, spinning threads, making fabric and clothing
Who was Francis Cabot Lowell? American businessman who built the first really big textile factories
How did American factories change life for women? Women worked outside the home for the first time.
Define "free enterprise." economic system where businesses compete with each other to make a profit
What were Eli Whitney's two great inventions? the cotton gin and interchangeable parts
How did canals changes American business? Canals made it possible to move goods to markets faster and cheaper.
What is a canal? a man-made waterway connecting two larger bodies of water
Why was the Erie Canal important? it connected the Hudson River with Lake Erie which made New York City one of the largest markets in the world
What was the Clermont? The first steam-engine on a boat making it possible to sail upstream quickly
How did the industrial revolution affect farming? New machines made farming easier and more efficient: steel plow, mechanical reaper, threshing machine, cotton gin
What is Bessemer Steel Process? Technology allowing the mass-production of steel. This made railroads affordable and durable
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung