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Social Studies

Era of time known as the Classical Ages of Mesoamerica. 600 to 1450 C.E.
True or False: The Classical Ages of Europe occurred before than that of Mesoamerica. True.
First civilization in Mesoamerica. Olmec.
Two civilizations that took over after the Olmec fell. Maya and Teotihuacan.
Where were the Olmec, Maya, and Teotihuacan located? Modern day Mexico. (Mesoamerica)
What type of agriculture did the Maya use and why? Slash and burning because the soil was not fertile, as they lived in a rain forest. They also built terraces that trapped the silt carried by the rivers.
True or False: Religion played a major role in Maya life. (What shows this?) True, they had large temples and stelae.
True or False: The Maya traded with many. False, there was little trade.
What type of writing did the Maya use? Hieroglyphics.
Who made up the highest social class in Mayan society and were they connected somehow? Priests and kings. (Kings were not considered divine)
True or False: They Maya had many tools. False, they had no wheel or metal tools, much human labor was needed.
Why was religion so important to the Maya? They depended on agriculture, and they believed the gods made the sun rise each day.
What did the Maya do in order to please the gods? They sacrificed humans.
Who did the Maya mainly sacrifice? Fallen nobles and prisoners of war.
Why did the Maya choose human sacrifice as a way to please the gods? They thought blood and human life were invaluable.
How did the priests play a role in Maya human sacrifice? They had powers to communicate with the gods and had access to the nine levels of hell.
Classical Mesoamerican civilizations. Maya and the Tenotihuacan.
Post Classical Mesoamerican civilizations. Toltec and Aztec.
What changed between the classical and post classical ages? Population increased, agriculture increased, warfare increased, and centralized government became more powerful.
How did the Maya priests decide when rituals would the rituals would take place? The Maya had an accurate solar calendar and a rituals calendar.
How did the Maya fall? It is unknown to scientists as to why the Maya fell. Theories include foreign invasion, civil war, and disease.
What was the purpose of the city of Teotihuacan? It was a center of religious rituals and government administration.
The ____________pyramids of the Sun and Moon were one of the largest of those ever built. Teotihuacan.
What was the first city of the western hemisphere? Teotihuacan.
How did the archaeologists learn about the civilizations of Mesoamerica? Through art and architecture.
True or False: Religion was an important part of Teotihuacan society and the priests were a part of the elite. True.
How did the Teotihuacan people know when to plant crops? They developed a solar calendar.
The _________________ people traded far and wide, while the _____________ were not known for trading. Teotihuacan, Maya.
What is known about Teotihuacan government? It is unknown as to what type of government the Teotihuacan had.
How did the Teotihuacan collapse? It is unknown how they collapsed, but historians believe it was violent.
What caused the switch between the Classical Ages to the Post Classical Ages? After the Teotihuacan fell, chaos broke out between regional states. They became more concerned with military organization, which was a change from the Classical Ages.
What group unified Mexico after the fall of the Teotihuacan? The Toltecs.
How did the Teotihuacan and the Toltecs irrigate their crops? They tapped the water coming down from the mountains.
How did the Toltecs become so powerful? Though military prowess and conquering land.
Why was the Toltec government weak? They had two rulers instead of one.
What caused the decline of the Toltecs? Their greatest leader, Topiltizin, was exiled.
Who replaced the Tolecs? The Aztecs.
How did the Aztecs adapt to their aquatic environment? They drained swamps, built chinampas, which boosted agricultural production.
How did the Aztecs rise to power? Through military expansion.
How was the king of the Aztecs selected? Through election.
What did the freemen of the Aztecs do? They cultivated, built buildings, and constructed roads.
How did the Aztecs gain slaves? They were prisoners of war.
Why were the Aztec priests so significant? They carried out the human sacrificial rituals.
Why was pleasing the gods so important to the Aztecs? They believed that pleasing the gods kept the sun rising everyday.
The ____________ came after the Chavin in the Andes region of South America. Moche.
How did the Moche fall? It is unknown as to why the Moche fell, but it is believed to be due to a series of natural disasters.
The ____________ came after the Moche. Inca.
What did the Inca have an advanced knowledge of? Agriculture, they knew when to plant certain crops and had canals and dikes.
What were the common themes of all the Andean Civilizations? They all had no written language, and had some sort of labor system.
Why did the Inca have no merchant class? They did not have long distance trade.
What type of religion did the Inca have? Polytheistic.
True or False: Religion played a large role in Inca society. (Explain religion's effect on social classes) True. Their priests were at the top of their class and the king was considered a descendant from the sun god.
What happened to the Inca kings after they died? They were mummified.
Did the Aztecs have a large merchant class? Yes, because they traded frequently.
How did the Inca sacrifices compare to the Aztec's? Both were fueled by religion, but the Inca did not sacrifice humans and did it at a much smaller scale.
How did the Aztecs compare to the Inca intellectually? The Aztecs had a written language and a solar calendar. The Inca did not have a written language, but had the spoken language of Quechua.
How did the Inca farm? They built terraces for crops.
The Inca had an extensive ______________ system, which spread their _____________ and __________________. Road, language, religion.
Both the Inca and the Aztecs had a powerful _______________. Military.
How was North American government different than South America? In North America, there was no organized civilization, just nomads.
Where were the Anasazi located? Southwestern United States.
Where were the Cahokia located? Near the Mississippi and Ohio River.
Created by: emarciante9
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