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The 1920's

American Destiny Chapters 24 & 25

Federal law that placed limits on immigration, especially from southern and eastern Europe and Asia, stemming from nativism National Origins Act
The 1920's could be described as the Jazz Age or era of the... Flaming Youth
Margaret Sanger's work was hindered by the Comstock Act of 1873, which prohibited the distribution of information about what issue? Contraception
After the war this technological advancement provided news, entertainment and advertisements Radio
Which group during the 1920's resented modern urban culture and believed in the literal translation of the Bible Religious Fundamentalists
After Tennessee passed a law forbidding the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution in its classrooms and John T. Scopes went against this law the court case became an overnight sensation called the "Monkey Trial". The trial was known formally as what Scopes Trial
The 18th amendment, otherwise known as prohibition, prohibited the manufacture, transportation, and sale of what substance? alcohol
The introduction of the 18th amendment led to the revival of what group? The KKK
A modern artistic and literary movement that celebrated African American life and culture in Harlem during the early 20th century Harlem Renaissance
Blacks proud of being black that were prepared to resist mistreatment and white ideas become known as what "New Negro"
Henry Ford modified what great invention that increased not only his companies production rate but other factors as well? Assembly Line
Besides the automobile what 1920s development changed lifestyles and attitudes after the war? The Airplane
This mans nonstop flight from New York to Paris helped make the airplane famous Charles A. Lindbergh
Under the Harding administration the Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, accepted bribes from oil companies before leasing a federal oil reserve to them. This scandal was known as the... Teapot Dome Scandal
What policy promoted better relations between the US and other nations in the Western Hemisphere? "Good Neighbor"
The French Foreign minister devised a pact to keep France and Germany out of the war, but the pact soon spread to include other countries before later failing. What was this pact called? Kellogg-Briand Pact
After WWI what economic situation contributed largely to the Great Depression? High wages and low taxes
What were the communities were victims of the Great Depression gathered in ramshackle houses called? Hoovervilles
What was the group of Great War veterans gathered in Washington demanding their "adjusted compensation" but was ordered out with tanks by President Hoover? Bonus Army
What was the generation after the end of WWI called because of their lost faith in the country? The lost generation
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