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Ch 24 and 25

What act caused the foreign born percentage of the population to fall? National Origins Act
Literal interpretation of the bible? Fundamentalism
Getting rid of something like alcohol? Prohibition
Increase in economic activity? Economic Expansion
What group reformed after the war that was against certain races? Ku Klux Klan
What trial is also known as the Monkey Trial? Scopes Trial
Who deliberately went against a statute and taught the theory of evolution? John Scopes
Darwin's theory that man came from monkeys and evolved into what we are today? Evolution
What is the political theory that people are paid according to needs and abilities and everything is publically owned? Communism
What army was largely composed of criminals? Bonus Army
What Amendment repeals Prohibition? 21st Amendment
Who was an early manufacturer of the airplane? Henry Ford
What was the most popular music in the 1920's? Jazz
What artistic explosion and cultural explosion took place in New York? Harlem Rennisance
What generation lost all hope in the world? Lost Generation
What line did Henry Ford create that helped move manufacturing forward? Assembly Line
Society where buying and selling of goods is most important? Consumer Society
African American novelist that wrote during the Harlem Rennisance? Zorah Hurston
Created by: Taylor.T.
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