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Ch. 24 & Ch. 25

What was the modern artistic and literary movement which celebrated African American life and culture in early twentieth-century Harlem, New York called? Harlem Renaissance
Which federal law passed in 1929 curtailed immigration? National Origins Act
This was a celebrated 1924 contest that pitted Darwinian evolutionists against fundamentalist "Creationists," what was this? Scopes Trial
Which event had great War veterans gathering together demanding for immediate payment on their bonuses? Bonus Army
What policy did President Herbert Hoover promote for better relations between the United Sates and nations in the Western Hemisphere "Good Neighbor" policy.
What was the incident called where Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, accepted bribes from oil companies that ended up leasing the Teapot Dome federal oil reserve in Wyoming? Teapot Dome Scandal
Where was the National Origins Act mostly active? Southern & Eastern Europe & Asia.
What else is the Scopes Trial considered? Also called the, "Monkey Trial"
Who was John T. Scopes and what happened to him? John T. Scopes, a teacher charged with defying Tennessee law by teaching evolution, was found guilty and fined $100.
Was the Bonus Army a successful event? Congress rejected their demands, and President Hoover ordered U.S. troops to drive them from the capital.
Who gathered in Washington D.C. in June 1932, demanding immediate payment of their "adjusted compensation" bonuses voted by Congress in 1924? Around 20,000 Great War veterans.
Did the "Good Neighbor" policy declare America's intention to disclaim the right to intervention pronounced in the Platt Amendment and te Roosevelt Corallary, true or false? True.
Who accepted bribes from oil companies that then leased the Teapot Dome federal oil reserve in Wyoming? Albert Fall.
During who's administration did the Teapot Dome Scandal occur? The administration of Warren Harding.
Who was the symbol of what some called, "Lost Generation" in writing? F. Scott Fitzgerald
Who was claimed to be the "Master of the Assembly Line"? Henry Ford
Who was described as the, "Sports Hero"? Jim Thorpe
Who was a writer during the Harlem Renaissance? Zora Neale Hurston.
Which person is considered the leader of Black Nationalism? Marcus Garvey.
One of the anarchist accused of murder was? Who was the other? Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The other anarchist was Nicola Sacco. Both Italian immigrants.
Created by: Crystal Lair


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