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War to Peace & 1920s

Red Scare Wide spread fear of Communism
Aliens Citizens of other countries living in the US
deportation Removing an alien from one country and sending him/her to another country
assembly line Production system in which the item being built moves along the conveyor belt to various work stations
welfare capitalism system which companies provide benefits to employees in an effort to promote worker satisfaction and loyalty
credit borrowing money
Teapot Dome Federal land used to drill federal oil reserves
arms race competing nations build more weapons in effort to avoid one nation gaining a clear advantage
Flapper young women of the era who defied traditional ideas of proper dress and behavior
values key ideas and beliefs of person holds
fundamentalism A belief in the literal interpretation of a particular religion's doctrine or Holy books
bootleggers liquor smugglers
Great Migration Major relocation of African-Americans to the northern cities from 1910 and into the 1920s
Harlem Renaissance Blossoming of African-American art and literature that began in the 1920s
transatlantic crossing the atlantic ocean
Created by: Marie&lani
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