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Microbiology Respiratory Pathogens

What disease does Bordetella pertussis cause, what is a hallmark of the infection, and how is it treated? Bordetella pertussis causes Whooping Cough, Lymphocytosis is a hallmark of this infection, and it is treated with Erythromycin for 2 weeks
What are the three stages of a Bordetella pertussis infection and which stage is most contagious? 1. Catarrhal - fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing ("Flu-like symptoms") , highly contagious 2. Paroxysomal - deep convulsive coughs with ropey mucus and cyanosis 3. Convalescent - decreased severity and frequency of coughs over 2 week period
What agar is used for Bordetella and what does it do? What if the organism needed to be transported? Bordet-Gengou agar is specifically used for Bordetella pertissis because it reduces the overgrowth of gram positive organisms. If the organism needs to be transported, Regan-Lowe media is used with 1% casein and stored at 4 degrees C within 24 hours.
What disease(s) does Legionella pneumophila cause and what is the treatment? Legionella causes Legionnaire's Disease, community-acquired pneumonia, and "Pontiac Fever". The treatment for this infection is Erythromycin.
What are the best growth conditions and the most suitable specimens to culture for Legionella? Legionella grows best on Buffered Charcoal Yest Extract (BCYE) agar with CO2 because it provides L-cysteine and iron salts required for growth. The best specimens to culture are lung tissue, transtracheal aspirates, and pleural fluid.
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