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U.S. History 10.1

Section 1 of World War 1

Countries believed in ___________ to win wars. Riad, Group 1 militarism
How do alliances make nations overconfident and reckless? Riad, Group 1 The smaller countries formed alliances with bigger countries which gave the extra confidence to start fights because they kew they had back up if a war was to start.
The side that won the ___ would ultimately win the war? Micale, Group 2 Western Front
who was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Cameron Reynolds group 1 Archduke Francis ferdinand
___ ____________ ____________ formed to oppose the Triple Alliance?, DeWayne Parker Group 1 The Triple Entente
Who murdered Archduke Francis Ferdinand? DeMyra Farley Group 1 Gavrillo Princip
if the USA pushed war on Germany, Mexico is forced to hellp due to the _________ _____ - Marvin Rushing Group 3 Zimmerman Notes
After the assassination, _________ offered to be Austria-Hungary's ally in he war. ~Ciana Wyckoff group #2 Germany
The soldiers developed " ______ _______" from standing for hours in wet, muddy trenches. ~Ciana Wyckoff group#2 Trench foot
____________________is the territory that the French lost during a conflict with the Germans Janarvis group 1 Alsace-Lorraine
_______, the capital city of Austro-Haungarian janarvis group 1 Sarajevo
_________ were a group ethnic serbs that saw Francis Ferdinand as a tyrant. janarvis group 1 Bosnians
_______ was one of the conspirators in the murder of Francis Ferdinand. janarvis group 1 Gavrilo Princip
Soon after the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Kaiser _________, the German Emperor,assured Austria-Hungary that Germany would stand by its ally if war came. William II
In less than one week, the Central Powers of _______,______,______ and, _____. Britain, France, Russia and Serbia
As America's participation in the war increased, the government began to treat the _______________ _______________ better. Ciana Wyckoff (2) Conscientious Objectors
Before the war, several American feminists as well as pacifist women from "other countries" collectively formed the _________ ___________ ___________ for Peace and Freedom. Ciana Wyckoff (2) Women's International League
Created by: ckohler0529
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