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Japan Vocab

Japan VOCab Lindsey SIlva

Indicate To show that something to exists or is likely to be true.
Survive To live or make a living; continue to live despite danger.
Conflict Disagreement or argument; war.
Principle belief or idea on which something is based.
Accumulate To gradually get more of something.
Decline Gradual decrease in the quality or more importance of something.
Rebel Someone who opposes or fight an authority.
Prohibit To forbid or make illegal.
Proximity Closeness in space.
Archiplago Chain of islands.
Mainland Major land area of a continent.
Kami God or spirits.
Prince Shotoku Served his aunt which was the empress.
Regent someone who governs a country in the name of a ruler who is too young or otherwise unable to rule.
Contitution Plan of government.
Minamoto Yoritomo The most powerful man in japan.
Shogun Supreme military commander.
Daimyo Local land-owning lords.
Feudalism A social system in which lords grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service.
Samurai Highly trained warriors .
Bushido A strict code of conduct that guided the behavior or samurai.
Armada A large fleet of ships.
Typhoon Violent tropical storms.
Oda Nobunaga Worked all his life to bring Japan.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Unified Japan in 1590.
Tokugawa Ieyasu United the country once more in 1600.
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