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Postwar Havoc


Bolsheviks The Red Army of the _____________, which was led by Vladimir I. Lenin, eventually gained control.
Communism This system, called __________, would have no economic classes and no private property.
Red Scare A ______________, or widespread fear of communism, gripped the nation.
Palmer Raids He led an attack on suspected radicals known as the ____________.
Aliens For _____________ - citizens of other countries living in the United States - just belonging to certain groups considered could lead to deportation.
Deportation _____________ means removing an alien from one country and sending him or her to another country.
Anarchists More importantly, they proclaimed that they were _____________ - radicals who sought the destruction of government.
Assembly Line These ideas combined to produce the first large-scale moving _______________, a production system in which the item being built moves along a conveyor belt to various workstations.
Productivity _____________ is a measure of output per unit of input such as labor.
Welfare Capitalism The success of business in the 1920s led to a growth of what is called __________________, a system in which companies provide benefits to employees in an effort to promote worker satisfaction and loyalty.
Suburbs As cities grew, so did their _________, the smaller towns located outside urban areas.
Installment Buying Setting the stage for today's credit-card society, the generation of the 1920s turned to _________________ - paying for an item over time in small payments.
Credit They bought on ____________, which is, in effect borrowing money.
Teapot Dome The worst Harding-era scandal involved Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall. Fall accepted bribes in return for allowing oil companies to drill federal oil reserves on a piece of federal land known as _______________ in Wyoming.
Reparations Germany and demanded that it pay extremely high _______________, or payments designed to make up for a damage of the war.
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