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S.S. Ch. 7 Quiz/Test


What is Buddhism? Merchants and teachers brought it from India, unrest in China helped it spread.
Who is Hanfeizi? A scholar who developed the teachings of Legalism. Taught that humans were naturally evil. Believed that they needed harsh laws and stiff punishments to force them to do their duty.
What is the significance of oracle bones? Kings would scratch the bones to reveal a sequence of patterns that would tell the future.
What is important about the Huang He Valley? A 2,900 mile long river. When it floods, it gives the surrounding land rich, yellow soil, hence the nickname, Yellow River.
What is the Gobi Desert? A cold, vast, rocky desert that spreads east across the mountains.
Who is Han Wudi? Worked on getting the best minds into working in the government and drove Xiongnu back into the Gobi.
What is Confucianism? Taught people need to put family and community above their own.
Who is Qin Shihuangdi? Qin dynasty ruler. Used Legalism to rule his government.
Who is Han Gaozu? Emperor of Han. Used censors to divide empire into provinces and counties.
What is Daoism? Based on teachings of Laozi. Told people how to behave, how to give up worldly desires, and how to turn to nature.
What is Legalism? Based on teachings of Hanfeizi. Told that humans were naturally evil, that people need harsh laws and stiff punishments, and that a strong ruler was needed to control people.
What is the Qin Dynasty Achievements? Building walls, roads and canals for trade, and made central government.
How did the people make the gods happy? Worshiping, and making offers of food and other goods.
What are the Chinese Warfare inventions? Swords, spears, and prospers.
What is Tenant Farming? Farmers who on land that is owned by someone else and pay rent in crops.
What is Acupuncture? Sticking needles into people's skin. Used to help ease pain.
What is the Shang Capital City? Anyang.
What is the Mandate of Heaven? A formal order that gave the Zhou king the power to rule.
What are the Shang Art Forms? Colorful clothes, vases, dishes, statues from ivory and jade, as well as bronze works.
STATE ALL THE PLACES OF THE MAP! Russia all the way at the top, Mongolia right under, China under that, India bottom left, Kazakhstan above India.
Created by: rainishadod0292
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