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5th grade

Thomas Jefferson young lawyer from Virginia, main writer of Declaration of Independence
Samuel Adams began and organized the Sons of Liberty
John Hancock rich merchant wanting the king to notice his signature on Declaration of Independence, president of the 2nd continental congress
Paul Revere warned the colonists the British Soldiers were on their way to Concord; silversmith
Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
parliament law-making body of England
Patriots dressed as Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor
King George III English ruler who taxed the colonists
loyalists supported the king's ideas and were loyal to England
Crispus Attucks 1st black American to die for America's freedom
1763 proclamation line established; end of French and Indian war (7 yrs. war) (year)
1764-1767 Sugar, Stamp, Quartering, and Townshend acts (year)
1770 Boston Massacre (year)
1773 Boston Tea Party (year)
1774 Intolerable acts (Coersive acts) (year)
1775 Revolutionary war begins @ Lexington and Concord (Mass.) (year)
1776 signing of Declaration of Independence (year)
sugar act tax on sugar, affected colonist's ability to make rum at a reasonable price (sugar --> rum)
stamp act colonist's payed tax when buying legal documents, all printed materials, even playing cards!
Townshend acts taxes on tea, lead, glass, and paint
Intolerable acts (Coersive acts) 5 different acts, angered colonists to take extreme action. closed port in Boston, Quartering acts
Boston Massacre snowball fight, soldiers got nervous and accidentally fired guns. 5 people killed- Crispus Attucks
Boston Tea Party patriots lead by sons of liberty dressed as Indians and dumper 300 crates of tea into Boston Harbor. King George III was angry because no one would tell who did it. closed port of Boston as punishment
Lexington/Concord hidden guns, gunpowder at Concord Mass. British heard and went to seize. Paul Revere warned colonists that British were coming. Battles of Lex. and Con. 1st battles of the Rev. war and became known as the "shot heard 'round the world"
1st part of Dec. of Ind. 27 wrongs done by king to colonists
2nd part of Dec. of Ind. how nation would be governed once no longer ruled by king
3rd part of Dec. of Ind. 13 colonies stood united and were officially declaring war against England
3 inalienable rights life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
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