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unit 2

When were the first 3 Neutrality Acts passed? 1935,1936,1937
Neutrality Acts Restrictions? No sale of arms, No loans or credits, No Americans on foreign ships, non-military goods purchased with cash & carry.
Nazi National socialist German workers' party.
What puts Hitler in prison? Beer hall putch
What book did Hitler write? Mein Kampf
Hitler's push for land, (in order) Austria, Czech, Poland.
September 29,1938 Munich Conference.
Who was part of the nonaggression pact? Germany, USSR, (secret agreement to divide Poland).
When does Poland fall? September 1, 1939
What is a Blitzkrieg? A lighting War.
What happened for 8 months? The 'Phony War'
What was Paris divided into? Two parts, Occupied France (North), Vichy France (South).
Operation 'Sea Lion'? Depended on Luftwaffe Air Force Destroying Royal Air Force, July 1940
The 4th Neutrality Act? Cash and Carry buy military weapons from US, Have to pick up themselves.
When and what was the Tripartite Pact? Germany, Italy, and Japan join together, September 1940.
What is the Destroyers for Bases? FDR gives 50 battleships for 8 Br. Defense bases; doesn't ask congress first.
March 1941 Lend-Lease? FDR can sell, lease, and lend any defense article necessary.
Created by: saraht.sawyers