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Unit 6


What are the countries controlled by the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe after WW2? Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, eastern countries of Poland, and the east part of Germany
Who first spoke of the "Iron Curtain"? Winston Churchill
What was the purpose and effect of the Marshall Plan? Gave $13 billion to countries in Europe to help them rebuild (this would allow them to then buy US goods), increase trade, and it worked to prevent communism.
What did the Soviet Union try to do to take over West Berlin? Blockaded land routes from West Germany to West Berlin.
What was the purpose of the creation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact? Members would attack a country if it attacked one of their members.
Who did the US back in the Chinese Civil War? Why? Jieshi because American leaders feared that his defeat would create a communist superpower in Asia.
What is the significance of Inchon during the Korean War? The US attack at Inchon saved South Korea.
What happened to General MacArthur during the Korean War by order of President Truman? What was the perception of him by the American people after this event? He was fired but the American people still saw him as a hero.
What impact did the Korean War have on US budgets? Increase military spending, so much so that it accounted for almost half of the US's federal spending.
What happened on September 2, 1949 that cause a sudden change in US-Soviet relations? The Soviet Union dropped their 1st atomic bomb.
What was the response of Egyptian President Nasser after President Eisenhower withdrew his offer to fund the Aswan Dam? Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
What major accomplishments did Eisenhower's Secretary of State John Foster Dulles develop during his time in that office? Policy of massive retaliation and his approach to war was brinkmanship.
How did Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev different than Premier Joseph Stalin? He wasn't as suspicious or cruel.
What was the role of the CIA during the Cold War? Gather intelligence and carried out missions in order to protect American interests
What were some of the places on the glove where the Cold was 'hot' and US soldiers fought and died? Korea (and Vietnam)
Why was J. Oppenheimer investigated in 1954? Because he had family members who were communists, he was investigated to see if he was a communist.
Why were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg charged, convicted and executed? They were spies for the USSR
Where did Senator McCarthy first announce that the State Department was infested with communists? West Virginia
What were the major problems with the US economy after WW2? Inflation
What/Where was the sunbelt and why did people move there after WW2? Sunbelt: name given to the region of states in the South and the southwest people moved there after WWII because of the climate, the number of jobs in defense industries, growth of aerospace and electronic industries, some were escaping Fidel Castro
What led to the downfall of McCarthyism and Senator McCarthy specifically? the Senate held the trail of the people McCarthy had accused of being communist on TV and people saw him as a bully
Why did American worker productivity greatly increase after WW2? Americans had more access to better technology
The National Defense Education Act allocated federal funds to train what groups of people? the National Defense Education Act gave $1 billion in order to train more people to become science `teachers and scientists
In what ways did family patterns change during the 1950's? women left the workforce and returned home letting the men earn the money
What was the effect of the middle class leaving the city and moving to the suburbs? the inner city lost it's population and 1/4 of Americans were in poverty
What contributed to a surge in post war home construction? developers found out how to build affordable housing in a hurry- there was mass production of houses
What did the President Truman due regarding race relations and the military? Truman desegregated the military
What was the reason the victor won the 1948 Presidential election? Truman won the election because the Republicans split and had 2 different candidates
What did President Eisenhower do to the New Deal Programs created by FDR? Eisenhower kept the existing New Deal Programs
What were the effects of the rise of the 'car culture' in the US? people could live outside the city and drive in for work, they were able to travel longer distances for vacations, travel was easier and less time consuming
What was the effects on the cities & the suburbs due to the building of the interstate highway system? cities lost population b/c people were able to drive to and from work, suburbs grew because people had a faster easier way of transportation
What type of industries grew the the most in the 1950's? people found employment in the service sector, providing services, and in information industries, would build/operation computers`
Why did Congress increase federal funding for education? the Soviet Union launched a satellite and the US thought it was falling behind in math and science
What was the effect of the rise of the TV in the US? families would spend time together watching TV, TV changed the way politics ran for office, helped to get rid of distinct regional and ethnic cultures
What were the major contributions of Dr. Benjamin Spock and his book? Spock emphasized the importance of nurturing children; parent finally had a guide on how to raise their children
What was the significance of the "rock-and-roll" culture of the 1950's? rock-and-roll became the symbol of youth culture and their growing power
What did many social critics in the 1950s criticize? many social critics criticized the way TV shows and advertising encouraged Americans to be a certain way (they criticized conformity)
In "The Other America", Michael Harrington expose problems dealing with what? poverty in the United States
Why was their so much rural poverty in the 1950s? corporations bought up small farms, those farmers lost their farms and the other farmer found it hard to compete with the corporations low prices
What did the federal government encourage many Native Americans to do in the 1950s? assimilate, be absorbed, more involved with American culture (through the termination policy)
Created by: opal.eddy
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