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Chapter 10, WW2

Allied Victories in WW2

Where did the US armed forces first fight in World War 2? North Africa
This statement best describes what happened on D-Day. The Allies attacked German forces in the largest water-to-land invasion in history.
What happened during the Holocaust? More than six million people were killed for their religious or political beliefs.
Which of the following was not the location of a battle in the Pacific during World War 2? Nuremberg
The Manhattan Project was headed by J. Robert Oppenheimer
Which of the following was not provided by the GI Bill for World War 2 veterans? free medical care
When the soldiers returned home from the war there was a return to family life, many babies were born, and many people moved to the suburbs.
The goal of the Marshall Plan was to help the nations of Europe rebuild
Countries that joined NATO promised to keep peace among member nations and defend one another in case of Soviet attack
The organization created to work for world peace is called the United Nations
What happened that ended the war with Japan? Two atom bombs were dropped on two of Japan's cities.
General Douglas MacArthur was ordered off the Philippine Islands but made a promise to return
So many babies were born after the war that it created the Baby Boom
What new electronic were Americans buying after the war? Television sets
What major events turned the war in the Pacific in favor of the Allies? the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway
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