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Social Studies #2

Jacques Cartier French explorer who sailed up the St. Lawrence River and began a fur-trading business with the Hurons. Looking for NW Passage-didn’t find. Located Canada.
Samuel de Champlain French explorer who founded the first settlement at Quebec. Mapped places where beavers lived. Cartographer. Starts settlements Quebec & Montreal. Explores St. Lawrence River.
Sieur de La Salle French explorer who found the mouth of the Mississippi River and claimed the whole Mississippi Valley for France.
Jacques Marquette Catholic missionary who knew several Indian languages. With Joliet, he explored lakes and rivers for France.
Louis Joliet French fur trader who explored lakes and rivers for France, with Marquette and five others.
Henry Hudson Dutch explorer who sailed up the Hudson River, giving the Dutch a claim to the area.
Sir Walter Raleigh English explorer who used his own money to set up Englands first colony in North America, on Roanoke Island near North Carolina.
John Smith English explorer who, as leader of the Jamestown settlement, saved its people from starvation.
Squanto (Tisquantum) Native American who spoke English and who helped the Plymouth colony.
Portage The carrying of canoes and supplies around waterfalls and rapids or overland between rivers.
Proprietary Colony A colony that was owned and ruled by one person who was chosen by a king or a queen.
Proprietor An owner.
Mayflower Compact An agreement by those on the Mayflower to make and obey laws for their colony. This was the first example of self-ruled by American colonists.
Interpreter A person who translates from one language to another.
St. Lawrence River A river in North America. Begins at Lake Ontario and flows into the Atlantic Ocean; forms part of the border between the U.S. and Canada.
Quebec The capital of the province of Quebec, Canada, located on the Northern side of the St. Lawrence River; the first successful French settlement in the America’s; established in 1608. Founded by Champlain. Used as a trading post.
Montreal The largest city in present-day Canada; located in Southern Quebec, on Montreal Island at the North bank of the St. Lawrence River. Founded by Champlain. Used as a trading post.
Mississippi River The longest river in the U.S., located centrally, its source is Lake Itasca in Minnesota, flows South into the Gulf of Mexico.
Hudson River A river in the Northeastern U.S. beginning in the upper New York and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean; named for the explorer Henry Hudson.
New Amsterdam A Dutch city on Manhattan Islands that later became New York City.
Roanoke An island near the coast of North Carolina; the site of the Lost Colony.
Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in the Americas; located in Eastern Virginia, on the shore of the James River.
Plymouth A town in Southeastern Massachusetts, on Plymouth Bay; site of the first settlement built by the pilgrims, who sailed on the Mayflower.
Northwest Passage A water route that explorers wanted to find so that explorers could cut through North America.
Created by: kwilson