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Antebellum SC

Classes of People in Antebellum SC

Free African Americans This social class had to carry their freedom papers with them at all times and pay a special tax. They were considered to be very skilled workers, since many of them had used their skills to buy their freedom.
Elites This social class had enough money to hire private tutors to educate their children. They would most likely defend slavery since they made most of their money off the use of slaves.
Enslaved African Americans It was illegal or against the law for this social class of people to learn to read and write. This class was considered no more than property.
Antebellum Period This period is also known as "The Plantation Era". This was the period in the history of the Southern United States, from the late 18th century until the start of the American Civil War.
Independent Farmers This social class did not have much money and farmed their own land. They had a fairly hard life, and even children worked on the farm and were not able to go to school.
Middle Class This social class had enough money to live comfortably. Many were educated and may have been teachers, nurses, or store owners. They had nice homes and lived a fairly good life.
Lower Class This social class lived a hard life and were paid very little money. They may have had jobs like building the railroads or canals.
Abolitionist This is a person who disagrees with slavery and wants to abolish it.
Cotton This cash crop replaced rice as the major cash crop in the South and made slave labor even more important to plantation owners in the 1800's.
States' Rights This is the idea that states should be able to make their own laws without interference from the federal government.
Articles of Confederation This was a temporary set of rules that was set up after the Declaration of Independence and was later replaced by the Constitution.
Grimké Sisters These women grew up on a plantation in the South but had to leave because they spoke out openly against slavery.
Northern States Slavery was dying in these states due to a short growing season and poor soil. These states were slowly abolishing the practice of slavery.
Southern States These states wanted to keep slavery because of how much money they were making from growing cash crops.
Eli Whitney This man invented the cotton gin which made it quicker and easier for slaves to pick seeds out of cotton.
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