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Cold war (David made

Ye i actually did it

Who attended both the Yalta Conference and the Postdam Conference? Churchill and Stalin, Know they did come to some agreements despite their differences in vision
Which contributed to Stalin's distrust of the United States? Truman's refusal to disclose war related information to an Alli, like the fact that america had a ABomb
How was Europe after WWII Divided? Soviets seized control over Eastern Europe and East Germany
What policy did america shift away from after WW2 Isolationism
What replaced the League of Nations? United Nations
What was a large scale humanitarian relief effort to help Western Europe? Marshall Plan
What doctrine was passed by congress to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion (Containment) truman doctrine
What stopped West Berlin from falling to the control of the soviet union? Berlin Airlift
What nation was divided into 4 sectors temporary after the war? Germany
What part of Berlin was the American (Capitalistic) part West Berlin
The Berlin Airlift was an attempt by U.S., British and French pilots to deliver food and other supplies to West Berliners and showed America's commitment to what cold war policy? Containment
What military alliance did the U.S. and 28 other nations join, pledging to come to eachothers defence in an act of aggression by the Soviet Union NATO
What year did the USSR launch sputnik? 1957
What was the Warsaw Pact? The Communist Alliance ("Communist NATO")
What year did Stalin die, and Korean war end in a stalemate? 1953
Who replaced Stain when he died? Nikita Khurshchev
Year Korean war started 1950
What was the Rosenberg Trial and when was it? 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg tried and executed for selling atomic Bomb secrets to USSR (Had sons Michael and Robert Meeropol, and they pleaded innocent, probably do not need to know this)
Year Eisenhower became president 1952
Year US launches Explorer 1, NASA Formed this year 1958
Year Fidel Castro got into power, year Khrushchev visited US., and year kitchen debates happen 1959
What was the kitchen debates? Vice President Nixon and Khrushchev debate in an American kitchen exhibit about their 2 nations
Why was Korean war fought and what year? Containment, 1950-1953
What is the border in Korea, and what side is communist? 38th parallel, has a DMZ(De-Militarized Zone), North is communist, South is Capitalist.
Leaders of USSR in cold war Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev
Presidents of Us during cold war? Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Charter, Regan
Major Conflicts between USSR and US U-plane shot down, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, Sports Competitions, Vietnam, Korea
Cold war start and end 1945-1990, 45 years
Yalta Conference Feb. 1945 (Churchill, Stalin, and FDR meet) Discuses post war plans, Obvious Stalin had a different Agenda.
Postdam Conference Big 3, for America Truman comes, Discuses post war plans, Truman anticipates trouble. (July 1945)
Satellite nations Eastern nations under soviet rule, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and East Germany.
Iron Curtain Speech made by Winston Churchill about imaginary border between West and East Europe (Missouri 1946)
Who Made the first move in the Korean War? North Korea (1950)
What port was South Korea pushed into by september port of Pusan
Who was the Military general in charge of UN forces, later fired by Truman in Korean war McArther
Reason North Korea was able to get back to the 38th parallel by July 1953 South pushed to close to China, and china started helping the North
How did the Korean war end? Stalemate
Loyalty Review Board effort made by Truman in 1947 , screening process
HUAC (The House Un-American Activities Committee) Believed Communist put in propaganda in films. Failed to turn up evedence
Hollywood Ten 10 people who did not testify, they believed its was unconstitutional what was happening, got blacklisted, carers trashed
Blacklist list of people who believed to have communist intentions.
Joseph Mccarther Attacked people who he believed had communist ties, was seen to be a mess on national TV, lost credibility
McCarthyism practice of investigating and accusing persons in positions of power without much evidence, (Negative)
Created by: DavidKotyk
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