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Reform Quiz

Push Factor reason one leaves a place
Pull Factor what attracts settlers into an area
Irish Immigrants left because of the Potato Famine
German Immigrants left because of the Democratic Revolution
Chinese Immigrants left because of the Gold Rush
Reform change
Women's rights Movement improve women’s lives and win equal rights such as voting and education rights
Worker’s Right Movement the effort to improve working conditions, pay, and hours
Mentally ILL Movement movement to provide institutions for those suffering from mental illness instead of putting them in jail for no reason
Prison Reform Movement Provide heat and other basic amenities for prisoners.
Temperance Movement the use of little or no alcoholic drinks
Abolition Movement fighting to get rid of slavery
Second Great Awakening A revival of religious faith in the early 1800’s where new spirit of reform lead to movements for women’s, workers, and slaves’ rights
Revival a series of meetings conducted by a preacher to arouse religious emotions
Education Movement movement to have free public education paid for by taxes, teachers should be trained, and required children to attend.
Seneca Falls Convention meeting held in New York to discuss giving women equal rights to males such as voting rights and
Suffrage the right to vote
Antebellum Era the period before the Civil War (1800-1860) in which many different reform movements occurred.
Created by: kguilmino225