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Absolutism, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution

King Charles V Holy Roman Emperor; despised Protestant Reformation; had to sign Treaty of Augsburg; German princes could decide religion
Phillip II King of Spain, wanted to stop England from raiding Spanish ships and return England to the Catholic Church
Henry IV Protestant king of France who signed Edict of Nantes after converting to Catholic Church
Louis XIV Best example of an absolute monarch; built Versailles; revoked Edict of Nantes
Elizabeth I Strong Protestant monarch of England; ruler during invasion of Spanish Armada
James I Agreed to desire of unhappy Puritans to translate the Bible into English
Charles I Became unpopular with Parliament when he married a Catholic; badly in debt; ruled during English Civil War; 1st to be beheaded
Oliver Cromwell Military dictator who took power after English Civil War; ruled by Puritan desires; very strict society
Charles II Restored English monarchy after death of Cromwell; strengthened Church of England; passed Habeas Corpus
James II Unpopular English monarch; married a Catholic; replaced by William and Mary; Glorious Revolution
Ivan IV Mentally disturbed and often violent czar; following him, the Romanov dynasty took power
Peter the Great Determined to westernize Russia; in disguise this ruler traveled to Europe to see advances and bring them back to Russia; city named in honor
Catherine German czarina of Russia; expanded borders; acquired Alaska
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