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History Chp7

The Renaissance

Renaissance The period in Europe between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries that saw a rebirth of art. literature and learning
City-States Cities in Italy in the fifteenth century which ruled themselves and were very wealthy, e.g. Milan, Florence
Patron A wealthy person who supported artists by commissioning paintings and scultures
Anatomy The study of the structure of humans, animals and plants
Perspective A technique to show space and distance between objects in a painting.
Vanishing Point The point in a painting from where all lines of perspective come.
Fresco A method of painting directly onto wet plaster.
Philosophy The study of how and why people exist in the world.
Botany The study of plants.
Sfumato A painting technique that blurs lines to create a 'smoky' effect.
Dissected To cut open a corpse (dead body) in order to examine it.
Dome A rounded roof built on a circular base.
Engraving Sketches on copper plate
Vernacular The everyday language of people in each country.
Telescope A magnifying lens invented in 1608 by Jan Lippershey
Humanism an interest in the lives of people.
Inquisition A special court set up to question and punish those who questioned the beliefs of the Church
Bloodletting An ancient "cure" of cutting a sick person's body to release 'bad blood'.
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