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US - Chap.12.4 Notes

Study Guide for Chapter 12.4 Quiz

The Election of 1856 was decided along... sectional lines
In the Election of 1856, who won all the Southern states except Maryland? Buchanan
In the Election of 1856, who won 11 free states, but did not win a single electoral vote south of the Mason-Dixon line? John C. Fremont
Who sued for his freedom because he had been purchased in Missouri, but was then taken to the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin? Dred Scott
The majority of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Taney ruled that Dred Scott was... still a slave
The Supreme Court ruled that Dred Scott was still a slave because... he had no right to bring a lawsuit
Which amendment to the Constitution prohibited Congress from freeing slaves because they can't take away property without due process of the law? 5th
Which 1820 Compromise was ruled unconstitutional because the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had no power to prohibit slavery? Missouri Compromise
According to the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott decision, what protected slavery in the United States? Constitution
What caused the United States to divide even more over the issue of slavery? Dred Scott decision
Who always believed that nothing could be done legally to prevent the spread of slavery? Southerners
The Dred Scott decision also made which political party's policy of restricting the spread of slavery unconstitutional? Republicans
Who was happy that the Dred Scott decision took away this policy of restricting the spread of slavery? Northern Democrats
What did Republicans and other anti-slavery groups call the Dred Scott decision? the greatest crime ever committed in the courts
Who engaged in a series of debates for the Illinois Senate seat in 1858? Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln
What was the main issued debated during this election? slavery
What was the name given to Stephen Douglas' idea that people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveholder's rights? Freeport Doctrine
Where did Douglas' Freeport Doctrine cost him support? South
In the debates, what did Douglas claim that Lincoln wanted? full equality for African Americans
What did Lincoln do when Douglas claimed he wanted full equality between whites and African Americans? he denied it
What did Abraham Lincoln say was the main issue in the debate over slavery with Douglas? was slavery wrong
Who was elected Senator from Illinois in 1858? Stephen Douglas
Abraham Lincoln lost the Senate race in Illinois in 1858, but what did he get? a national reputation
After the 1858 elections, Southerners began to feel threatened by the... growing Republican power
John Brown hoped his attack on the Harper's Ferry Arsenal would... start a slave rebellion against slaveholders
What happened to John Brown for his role in the attack on the Harper's Ferry arsenal? he was convicted of treason and murder and hanged
Some Northerners, including Republican leaders, denounced John Brown's use of... violence
Some Northerners saw John Brown as a ... hero
The poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson called John Brown a... martyr
Southerners feared a northern conspiracy against them when they learned of John Brown's connection to... abolitionists
Created by: ColbyHistory
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