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Grade 5

We the People, Lessons 11 and 12

What is the term for the introduction to the Constitution? preamble, states the purpose of the ideas of government
What does it mean to ordain? give official approval
What does establish mean the Constitution? accept for the United States
How do you and other Americans show that you agree to be governed under the Constitution? willingly obey laws, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, when of age you vote, serve on a jury, hold a public office, help to solve community problems, accept the responsibiities of being a citizen
What are the first three words of the Constitution and why are they important? "We the People" shows that the power to govern belongs to the people, the government was created to protect their rights and welfare (health, happiness and fortunes of persons or a group)
What does justice mean? quality of being fair and reasonable
What does domestic tranquility mean? regarding the Constitution means peace among states
What is common defense? protect the country from foreign attacks
What does provide mean? supply, make available
What does promote mean? support a cause
What is the meaning of secure the blessings of liberty? freedoms of the people of the United States to make choices
Why did the Famers want to limit the power of the national government? to be sure that on one group of people would have too much power
What is the difference between national and federal government? national government is the government of the entire nation, a federal government is a government of states that are independent and sovereign (sovereign means acting independently)
How did the Framers limit the power of the government? divided it into three parts known as branches
Who has the power to make the laws? the Legislative Branch called Congress, Congress is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives
Who did the Framers give the power to in order to enforce and carry out laws? the Executive Branch, president is the head of the branch
Who did they choose to settle disagreements about what the law means? the Judicial Branch, United States Supreme Court is the highest court in this branch
Why is separation of powers important? to limit the powers among the three branches
What does it mean for each branch to check powers? each can stop the others from making final decisions or taking actions
If the president refuses to approve a bill passed by Congress, could it still become a law? 2/3 of Congress would vote to make it a law however, the Judicial Branch has the power to say that it is not allowed by the Constituion
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