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Grade 5

Amendments and Content Vocabulary - 3-12-17

1st Amendment basic rights of religion, freedom of speech and the press
2nd Amendment need for states to have a volunteer army
2nd Amendment Right to bear(carry) arms or weapons
3rd Amendment quartering (housing) soldiers
4th Amendment forbids ( not allowed) unreasonable search and seizure ( to take what is not yours)
6th Amendment right to fair trial and lawyer
7th Amendment right to settle disputes with a jury
8th Amendment fair and reasonable punishment
9th Amendment The Constitution is not meant to be complete, people have freedom of choice, where they live, type of employment (work)
10th Amendment government powers listed in Constitution, states' powers separated
bail money required to get out of jail while waiting for a trial
ratified formally accepted the document, 9 states were needed in 1788 for Constitution
capital punishment allows for the death penalty
confess admit
cruel and unusual punishment harsh and unacceptable
" due process of law" proper legal procedures including a fair trial
impartial jury members are not prejudice
" I take the 5th" " I choose to remain silent"
James Madison proposed amendments to Congress
jury chosen group of citizens that decide the outcome of a trial
militia volunteer army
prejudice negative judgment or opinion without all of the facts
probable cause good reason
public trial not held in secret
ratify approve, official with signature (s)
rights of the accused regarding people accused of a crime
right to an attorney one is provided if a person cannot afford to pay
right to assembel gather in groups
right to petition request that government correct injustices perceived
search warrant order from a judge to look for what could provide evidence
seizure taking property by force
witnesses people who give information, evidence
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