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Blue Book ch 4

Legislative Branch

How many senators are in the IDAHO legislature? 35
How many representatives are in the IDAHO legislature? 70
How long is the term for an IDAHO senator or legislator? 2 years
List the 4 mainresponsibilities of the Idaho legislature? 1)translate public will into public policy 2)levy taxes 3)appropriate public funds 4) oversee administration of state agencies
In what year was the first Idaho legislature in session? 1890 (when we became a state)
Where does the Idaho legislature meet and work when it is in session? the Chambers in the Idaho State Capitol
How many LEGISLATIVE districts are there in Idaho? 35
In which districts is Ada county? Districts 14- 22
How often are legislative districts realigned? Every 10 years after a census
How are district boundaries determined? By population
When are the Idaho legislative sessions held? Every 2 years before 1969. Every year since 1969 starting on, or the Monday closest to January 9.
Who can call (convene) extra (extraordinary) sessions of the legislature? The governor by proclamation
Who presides over (is in charge) the state Senate? The Lieutenant Governor
What is the title of the Lieutenant Governor as he presides over the senate? The President of the Senate
Who presides over the House of Representatives? The Speaker of the House
How is the Speaker of the House decided upon? He is a member of the majority party and elected by the members at the beginning of the session.
Who decides which committees work on which bills? In the Senate, it is the President of the Senate. In the House it is the Speaker of the House.
Who assigns senate members to each committee? The President Pro Tempore
Created by: historyB