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Reading unit quiz

What is the definition of tone? How the author creates the overall feeling of a story.
What is the definition of mood? What the reader feels from a text of literature.
What is denotation? The dictionary meaning of a word.
What is connotation? The positive or negative feeling that a word invokes.
What is poetry? Words that are organized into lines and stanzas.
What are prose? Words are organized into sentences and paragraphs.
How do you determine rhyme scheme? Finding the pattern of rhymes ending in lines of a poem.
What is a stanza? Group of lines in a poem.
What is a line? A single row of words in a poem.
What are couplets? Pair of lines that rhyme.
What is repetition? A repeating a word, phase, or sentence in poetry.
What's a simile Comparing two unlike terms using two words that are "like" or "as".
What's a metaphor? Comparing two unlike terms with one item becoming another.
What's personification? Type of metaphor that gives human traits to objects.
What's a onomatopoeia? Words that imitate sounds.
What's a hyperbole? An unreal extreme exaggeration.
What's alliteration? A number of words that have the same sound.
What's a idiom? A common saying that has an understanding meaning, yet literary means something else.
What's an allusion? A reference to a known person, place, thing, or idea to make a point.
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