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WWE Finisher Quiz

Today's Stars
WMD or KO Punch Big Show
RKO Randy Orton
Attitude Adjustment John Cena
Sister Abigail Bray Wyatt
Discus Clothesline Luke Harper
Style's Clash AJ Styles
Dirty Deeds Dean Ambrose
Spear Roman Reigns
Spear + Jackhammer Goldberg
Muscle Buster Samoa Joe
Coupe De Grace Finn Balor
Trouble in the Woods Xavier Woods
Pop-up Powerbomb Kevin Owens
Spinning Knee Strike Seth Rollins
Pedigree Triple H
Skull Crushing Finale The Miz
Final Cut Goldust
Lil' Jimmy R-Truth
Helluva Kick Sami Zayn
The Accolade Rusev
Gore Rhyno
No Chin Music James Ellsworth
Chokeslam + Tombstone (Starts with U) Undertaker
Chokeslam + Tombstone (Starts with K Kane
End Of Days Barron Corbin
Selida Del Sol Kalisto
Neutralizer Cesaro
Smash Hit Heath Slater
Rough Ryder Zack Ryder
Trouble In Paradise Kofi Kingston
Big Ending Big E
Spin-out Powerbomb Apollo Crews
Clash of the titus Titus O'neil
East River Crossing Big Cass
Codebreaker Chris Jericho
Zig Zag Dolph Ziggler
Last Dance Fandango
Hyper Drive Mojo Rawley
F5 Brock Lesnar
Kinshasa Shinsuke Nakamura
Tye-Breaker Tye Dillinger
NXT/205 Live
Glorious DDT Bobby Roode
Sliced Bread 2.0/Captain's Hook Brian Kendrick
Bridging Snap Suplex Akira Tozawa
Lumbar Check Cedric Alexander
Claymore Drew McIntyre
GTS Hideo Itami
Running Corner Dropkick Jack Gallagher
Red Arrow Neville
Detonation Kick TJ Perkins
Phoenix Splash Rich Swann
Inverted 450 Splash Mustafa Ali
Cobra Clutch Slam No Way Jose
Sick Kick Roderick Strong
Thunder Valley Shane Thorne
Running Neese Tony Nese
La Sombra Andrade Cien Almas
Discus Fivearm/ Last Chancery Austin Aries
DisArmHer Becky Lynch
Bayley to Belly Bayley
Natural Selection Charlotte
Rear View Naomi
Twisted Bliss Alexa Bliss
Sharpshooter Natalya
Mick Kick Mickey James
Samoan Drop Nia Jax
Asuka Lock Asuka
Samoan Driver Dana Brooke
Superfly Splash Tamina Snuka
Tag Teams
Midnight Hour New Day
Boom-ShakaLaka Enzo & Cass
Magic Killer The Club
Grand Amplitude American Alpha
Fall of Man The Ascension
Extreme Combonation The Hardy Boyz
Shatter Machine The Revival
Final Chapter The Authors of Pain
Running Knee/Kick Combo DIY
Rolling Hills + Double Foot Stomp Sheamus & Cesaro
Legend Tag Teams
Con-Chair-To Edge & Christian
Double Chokeslam The Brothers of Destruction
Demolition Decapitation Demolition
Doomsday Device The Legion of Doom/The Road Warriors
Hart Attack The Hart Foundation
3D The Dudley Boyz
Mandible Rock Bottom Rock 'n Sock Connection
X-Mark DX
Created by: GutlessGinger