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Bronte us pseudonyms dealing with bells.
Anne Bronte Agnes Grey
Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights
CHarlotee Bronte Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Charlotte Bronte Shirley
Charlotte Bronte Vilette
Charlotte Bronte The professor
Brontes killed by TB
Brooks First African American Woman to win the Pulitzer prize for poetry
Brooks Annie Allen
Brooks Riot
Brooks Maud Martha
Brown Served as governor of California and US senator
Brown Tried for president in the 76,80,92
Brown Father was also governor of California
Brown Retired after only 9 pro seasons
Brown All American career at Syracus then went to Cleveland Browns
Browning My Last Duchess
Browning The Bishop Orders his Tomb
Browning Took Elizabeth barret to Italy and live there til they die
Barret Browning Sonnets from the Portuguese
Barret Browning Aurora Leigh
Brueghel the elder The Harvesters
Brueghel the elder Peasant Wedding
Brunhoff The story of Babar, the little elephant
Brunhoff his son continued the series after he died.
Bryan US house of representatives before making the cross of Gold speech.
Cross Of Gold Speech 1896 Democratic national convention
Bryan Lost to McKinley 1896 and agin in 1900
Bryan Lost to Taft in 1908
Bryan 1912 He helped re-elect Wilson and was named secretary of state
Bryan Prosecution in the Scopes Trial
Bryant Thanatopsis
Bryant To a Waterfowl
Buchan the 39 steps
Buchan governor general of Canada in 1935.
Buchanan Lawyer and gongressman and senator from Pennsylvania
Buchanan First Federalist, became a Democrat
Buchanan and served as Polk’s Secretary of State during Mexican American War
Buchanan minister to great Britain under Pierce
Buchanan and had a hand in drafting the Ostend Manifesto
Buchanan Pony Express
Buchanan Dred Scott Decision
Buchanan John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry
Buchanan Formation of the CSA. 7 states seceded.
Buck lived in China with missionary parents
Buck novels about life in China
Buck The Good Earth
Buck 1938 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Buffalo Bill - Organized his Wild West Show
Bulfinch Designed the capitol in Washington D.C.
Bulwer-Lytton the Last days of Pompeii
Bunche First African American to be a division head in the US State Department
Bunch Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for his work as principal secretary of UN Palestine Commission
Bunsen work with Kirchhoff
Bunsen Cesium and Rubidium using Spectroscopy
Bunyan In prison for unlicensed preaching.
Bunyan Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
Bunyan Pilgrim’s Progress
Pigrim’s Progress Christian’s journey from city of destruction to the celestial city
Bunyan Lumberjack and keep of Babe the Blue Ox
Burger 15th justice of supreme court.
Burger Appointed by Nixon following Warren.
Burger conservative advocate of judicial restraint
Burgess A clockwork Orange
A clockwork Orange made into motion picture by Kubrick
Burke Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents
Burke First to argue that value of political parties
Burke reflections on the revolution in France
Burke opposition to the French Revolution
Burke With Samuel Johnson and Joshue Reynolds they formed the Literary Club
Burns “Auld Lang Syne”
Burns “To a Mouse”
Burns “Sweet Afton”
Burns “Tam O Shanter”
Burns “The Cotter’s Saturday Night”
Burr US senator from New York after American Revolution
Burr Lost the controversial presidential election of 1800
Election of 1800 The House (urged by Hamilton) voted to give election to Jefferson
Burr served as TJ’s vice president
Burr tried to be governor of New York in 1804 but lost somewhat because of Hamilton.
Burroughs Tarzan of the Apes
George HW Bush 41st president of US
George HW Bush Graduated from Yale and served as Navy fighter pilot in WWII
George HW Bush 1966 was republican representative from Texas.
George HW Bush Ambassador to the UN and director of the CIA.
George HW Bush lost 1980 republican nomination to Reagan, so was VP
George HW Bush 1988 he and Dan Quayle defeated Dukakis for presidential election.
George HW Bush Invasion to Panama to depose Noriega
Depose Noriega Why they invade panama??
George HW Bush Persian Gulf War
George HW Bush NAFTA
George HW Bush defeated for re election by Bill Clinton.
Created by: mahouseifu
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