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Boole Boolean algebra creater
Boole symbolic logic which is base of many computer technologies.
Boone Agent for the Transylvanian company
Boone blazed Wildereess Road to found Boonesboro, KY
Boone He had a “auto-biography” written by Filson
Gail Borden invented the process of evaporating milk
Lizzie Borden accused in the 1892 Axe murderes of her father and stepmother
1892 Axe Murders case remains unsolved, borden was acquitted
Borodin Prince Igor, was member of the 5
Bosch Forerunner of surrealism
Bosch passion for the macabre
Bosch favorite of Philip II of spain
Bosch influence breughel the elder.
Bosch Adoration of the Magi
Bosch Garden of Earthly delights
Bosch Temptation of St. Anthony.
Boswell Life Johnson
Botha South African prime minister and president in the 80s
Botticielli Birth of Venus
Botticelli Primavera
Bowie Hero in texas
Bowie colonel in texas revolution who died at Alamo
Bowie Invented knife of his name.
Boyle Father of modern chemistry
Boyle Irish chem. kid
Bradbury The Martian Chronicles
Bradford Succeeded John Carver of Plymouth colony in 1620.
Bradford re elected 30 times
Bradford History of Plymouth Plantation
Bradley Led the US 1st army in invadsion of Normandy
Bradley Chairman of the Join Chief’s Staff
Bradstreet First important woman author in America
Bradstreet The 10th muse lately sprung up in America
Brady Made a fortune selling railroad supplies
Brady began collecting diamonds and jewls, lavis life
Brady Photographer of the US civil war
Brahe observations were basis of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion
Brahms 4 greatest symphonies
Brahms German Requiem
Brahms Violin Conerto in D
Brhams liked chamber music or lieder
Braille His system was developed of Barbier’s
Brandeis First jew to serve on the supreme court
Brandon Roles in A streetcar named desire, on the waterfrong, godfarther, apocalypse now
Brandt Born as Herbert Erns Karl Frahm
Brandt Mayor of West Berlin and later Chancellor in the 60s
Brandt 1971 Nobel prize fo peace
Brandt resigned after an east german spy was discovered in his administration
Braque help develop fauvism
Braque Developed cubism with Picasso
Braun Longtime mistress and wife of Hitler.
Braun Married hitler days before suicide
Brecht Threepenny Opera with music by Weill
Brecht Marxist that was exiled in Denmark during the Nazi period before comin to US
John Breckenridge US Senate, Attorny General under president Johnson
John Cabell Breckenridge vice president under Buchanan
Brennan Served as justice on the New Jersey Supreme Court from 1952 until Supreme Court in 56
Brenan Appointed to supreme court by Eisenhower
Brezhnev took over communist part with kysgin and Podgorny when Khurschev was ousted.
Brezhnev Emerged as chief Soviet leader and was president in 1977
Briand Premier 10 times between 1909 and 1921.
Briand Locarno Pact
Briand Kellogg-Briand Pact
Briand 1926 nobel peace prize with Stresemann
Brottem = A young person’s guide to the orchestra
Britten A ceremony of Carols
Britten Peter Grimes
Britten The Turn of the Screw
Britten Death in venice
Brodsky 1987 nobel prize for lit
Brodsky US poet laureate 1991-92
Brodsky A part of Speech
Brodsky Less than One
Brodsky To urania
Broglie Wave Mechanics was developed from his hypothesis
Broglie Particles should edhibit certain wavelike properties
Broglie 1929 Nobel Prize in Physics
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