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wordly wise 3000

wordly wise 3000 book 10 lesson 16

aura A distinctive atmosphere or feeling that seems to surround someone or something; a distinctive appearance or impression.
banal lacking freshness;trite
bemuse to cunfuse or bewilder
cognizant Fully aware; taking notice.
conundrum 1) A riddle whose answer is a play on words. 2) A puzzle or problem that is difficult or impossible to solve.
evanescent Short-lived; staying temporarily.
factotum A helper or assistant with a wide range of duties and responsibilities.
grandoise 1) Impressive because of large size or scope. 2) Characterized by the pretense of grandeur or absurd exaggeration.
induce To influence or persuade.
intransigent Refusing to compromise or change one's position on an issue.
laudatory Full of praise.
panache Dash or flamboyance in style or action.
picayune Petty or insignificant; concerned with trifling matters.
predilection An inclination; preference.
promontory A high point of land that juts out into water.
Created by: jfriedlander