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ss 5th six weeks prg

how was new mexico, California, and Utah brought into the u.s Mexican cession
how was the Mexican cession given to mexico treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo
which group went to Utah mormons
why did the Mormons go to utah to escape religious persecution
what territory does the santa fe trail, Mormon trail, and the Oregon trail lead to santa fe-new mexico Mormon-Utah Oregon-oregon
what year was texas annexed 1845
who was the leader of the Mexican army during the texas revolution santa anna
what was the first battle of the texas revolution battle of gonzales
who were some leaders of the battle of the alamo bowie, crockett, travis
where was the battle fought when texas earned its independence san jancinto
why did the u.s government reject texas annexation it feared it might have another war with mexico and the unbalance of free/slave state
where did the u.s wan as the texas southern border the rio grande
where did mexico want as the texas southern border the nueces river
who was the president during the Mexican American war james polk
what was the Bear flag revolt when americans in California overthrew the Mexican government in California, led by john c. Fremont
which American general led the battle of Buena vista Zachary taylor
who defeated the Mexican forces at the battle of mexico city Winfield scott
what treaty ended the Mexican war treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo
what was an effect of gold being discovered in California a sudden rush of people, applying for statehood
where did the Scandinavians settle the midwest
what impact did the gold rush have on the Chinese it established the Chinese American community
where did the germans settle on farms or on the frontier
where did the irish settle port cities
what was the main reason why the irish came to the united states the potato famine
what were the push factors overpopulation, industrialization, crop failures, religious and political turmoil, agricultural changes
what were the pull factors freedom, land, and economic opportunity
who led the infamous salve rebellion in 1831 nat turner
the whitmans trued to do what with the native americans in the Oregon territory they tried to convert the native americans to Christianity
which president supported the concept of manifest destiny president james k polk
what is an emigrant a person who leaves their country for another
what treaty ended the texas revolution treaty of velasco
who was the 11th president james k polk
who was sanat anna the Mexican general of the Mexican American war and texas revolution. also a dictator
who were two important Mexican war heroes Zachary taylor and Winfield scott
what did john deere,cyrus mccormick, eli whitney have in common they all created agricultural inventions
who was harriet tubman a famous conductor of the underground railroad
why did the south hate tariffs it made the british imports more expensive and they made less of a profit
which invention increased slavery the cotton gin
what caused the united states to go through urbanization factories
Created by: sjlee4273
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