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Zulifikar Ali Bhutto president and prime minister of Pakistan in the 80s.
Zulifikar Ali Bhutto came to power after Pakistan was defeated in banglades’s independence war.
Zulifikar Ali Bhutto overthrown and executed in in late 70s
Bierce after served in civil war he became a journalist
Bierce In the midst of Life
Bierce Can Such Things be?
Bierce The devil’s Dictionary
Bierce disappeared in Mexico during Mexican revolution
Billy the kid - born in nyc as William H. bonney
Billy the kid cattle ruster
Billy the kid killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett.
Binet IQ tests
Binet Worked with Theodore Simon.
Bingham Expeditions that discover Machu Picchu
Bingham discover Vitcos
Bignham discover lost incan cities
Bingham served as governor of Connecticut and US senator
Bird Born in French Lick Indiana
Bird starring at Indiana State and was later drafted by the Celtics
Bird retired and coached the Indiana Pacers
Birdseye led to founding General Foods Co.
Bismarck Iron Chancellor
Carmen Based on a novel by prosper Marimee
Bizet The pearl fishers
Bjornson national poet of Norway
Bjornson yes we love this land of ours
Bjornson 1903 nobel in literature
Hugo Black Appointed to supreme courd by fd served from 37-71 (19)
Hugo Black ex member of KKK but went on to make social reform.
Hugo Black Member of Us senate from Alabam before court.
Joseph Black Discovered carbon dioxide
Joseph Black Latent heat
Joseph black Specific Heat
Carbon Dioxide Fixed Air
Blackmore Lorna Doone
Lorna Doone romance of 17th century outlaws
Blackmun Appointed by Nixon
Blackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England
Blackwell Graduated from Geneva Medical College
Blackwell first woman to get medic degree in US
Blaine US hopes of rep from Maine, speaker of house, use senator, us secretary of state
Blaine leader of the Half-Breed Republicans
Half-Breed Republicans oppose the Stalward Repbulicans
Blaine Defeated by Cleveland in 1884.
Blair Labour party leader after death of John Smith
Blake Songs of Innocence
Blake Songs of Experience
Blake The Tyger
Blake London
Blake The book of thel
blake The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Blake Milton
Blake Jerusalem
Bligh Mutiny on the ship called Bounty
Bounty Blight Mutiny on it
Bloomer Edited the lily
Lily a periodical dedicated to womans rights and temperance
Bloomers- full trousers
Bly Iron John
Iron John Passage of boys into men.
Decameron a collection of 100 witty tales
Decameron set with the backdrop of death.
Bogart Starred in The maltese falcon, Casablanca, the African queen
Bohr Atom emits and absorbs energy by combining the quantum theory with his struct.
Boelyn 2nd wife of henry 8.
Katherine of Aragon first wife of Henry 8
Boelyn mother of Elizabeth I
Bolivar Was hated during his life, but now considered the liberator
Boole Boolean algebra creater
Boole symbolic logic which is base of many computer technologies.
Created by: mahouseifu
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