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Unit 11

The Great Depression chpts 22 & 23

Hoovervilles collection of homeless so named due to anger at Pres Hoover for not doing more to help
Hoover flag empty pockets - no money
Stock market crash brought on my speculation, buying on margin, and panic this ushered America into the Great Depression
Dust Bowl region consisting of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico that suffered from drought
Relief and Construction Act first time the government committed to helping the unemployed
Fireside chats FDR's radio addresses in which he explained his New Deal programs to the public
Hoover Dam large scale construction project begun by Hoover, did employ thousands in the depression but was not a works recovery program
Huey Long powerful senator from Louisiana known as the King Fish whose Share our Wealth plan gained numerous followers
FDR Democrat President, elected 4 times, afflicted with polio, blamed the Republicans for the Depression, created the New Deal
New Deal FDR's program to provide Relief, Recovery, and Reform during the Depression
Bank Holiday FDR's first action in which all banks were closed, examined, and only those safe allowed to reopen in order to restore public's confidence in the banks
Wagner Act government protected the rights of workers to unionize
Migrant Mother famous photo of mother and children taken by Dorothea Lange to show the human suffering during the Depression
deficit spending government spends more money than it takes in from tax revenue
Bonus Army World War I veterans who peacefully protested in DC to get their bonus pay early, they were denied
Critics of the New Deal Huey Long, Father Coughlin (felt FDR should do more, was very controversial), Dr Francis Townsend (hoped to help the elderly), and American Liberty League (felt FDR was doing too much, wanted laissez faire)
Social Security old age insurance, unemployment compensation, & aid to families
FDIC federal government insures individual bank deposits
SEC designed to regulate the stock market
AAA - Agriculture Adjustment Act designed to help farmers by bringing up crop prices
CCC - Civilian Conservation Corp designed to employ young men in various projects
REA - Rural Electrification Administration brought electricity to farms
WPA - Works Progress Administration designed to create as many jobs as possible, in St. Cloud these jobs were in the granite industry
TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority built a series of dams to stop flooding and produce cheap electricity in the Tennessee Valley
NRA - National Recovery Act designed to promote industry growth and fair practices, wages, and prices
CWA - Civil Works Administration provided 4 million jobs in the winter of 1933-34 building schools and roads
FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Administration provided direct relief for the needy
Created by: ndouvier