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Chapter3 Terms

Canada and the Twenties

Communism A social and economic theory that property and production and distribution of goods and services should be owned by the public, and the labour forces organized for benefit of all.
Collective Bargaining Negotiation of a contract between unions and management regarding such things as wages and working conditions.
Regionalism A concern for the affairs of one's own region over those of one's country.
Minority Government A government in which the ruling party has less then half the seats in the legislature.
Autonomy The power to govern oneself and make one's own decisions.
British Commonwealth An association of nations that were formerly colonies in the British Empire.
Amending Formula The process by which changes can legally be made to the Canadian Constitution.
Branch Plants Factories, offices, or other operations set up in Canada but owned or controlled by U.S. or other foreign companies.
Primary Industries Industries dealing with the extraction or collection of raw materials.
Secondary Industries Industries dealing with manufacturing or construction.
Plebiscites A direct vote by electors on an issue of public importance. The outcome of the vote may not be binding on the government.
Urbanization The process by which an are changes from rural to urban.
Aboriginal Title Claims by Aboriginal people to lands that their ancestors inhabited.
Cut-Off Lands Lands taken from reserves without consent of Aboriginal people.
Depression A downturn in the economy.
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