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Expansion of a country into other nations to increase international power imperialism
Avoiding interaction with other countries. isolationism
Part of the Cuban Constitution that allowed the US to be involved in all activities in Cuba Platt Amendment
The kingdom that the US annexed when American business owners overthrew the Queen. Hawaii
Reasons for expansion of a country related to trade and money. Economic factors
The land the US bought from Russia that was thought a Folly, but it had many valuable resources. Alaska
A COLONY gained by the US after the Spanish-American war. Philippines
TERRITORIES gained by the US after the Spanish-American war. Puerto Rico and Guam
Reasons for expansion of a country related to defending or protecting the country from other countries. Military factors
Reasons for expansion of a country related to bringing their way of life or religion to another group of people. Cultural factors
The Queen of Hawaii who believed that Hawaiians should have the right to vote in their country. Liliuokalani
An Asian country that the US wanted as a trade partner before the Europeans. They agreed after the Americans arrived with warships. Japan
A water route built by the US in a central American country to shorten ship travel from the eastern to western US. Panama Canal
Exaggerating the news to sell more newspapers Yellow Journalism
Similar to the Monroe Doctrine, but added the ability of the US to be the Police Officer for Latin America. Roosevelt Corollary
Using money instead of the military to convince other governments to do things the US's way. Dollar Diplomacy
People opposed to the expansion of the US into other countries. Anti-Imperialist League
An Asian country in which European countries took Spheres of Influence in the country for their trade. China
Leader of the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American war and later a president who acted to protect US businesses in Latin America. Teddy Roosevelt
Filipino rebel that the US helped to overthrow the Spanish in the Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo
Naval Commodore who pushed the Japanese to begin trade with the US Matthew Perry
FIghting in a neighboring country in which the US involved their military to protect American businesses there Mexican Revolution
1 country uses the resources of another country Spheres of Influence
Practice promoted by the US that all nations have equal access to trade in China. Open Door policy
Short conflict resulted in the US earning the status of World Power Spanish-American War
Factor for controlling the Philippines and Midway Island. military
Factor for buying Alaska. economic
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