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Civil War Test

Why did the invention of the cotton gin cause a rise in slave labor? There was a higher demand for cotton, making a higher demand for slaves.
What year was the republican party formed and why? 1854. In opposition to the extension of slavery into new territories.
What was the Dred Scott decision and how did it affect slaves in the U.S.? The government decided slaves were property, so it affected slaves by allowing their owners to take them north.
What are the major differences in the northern and southern economies? The south was agricultural (Relied on slaves, cotton, and tobacco) The north was industrial (Factories, farm production, and fishing)
How did Uncle Tom's Cabin create empathy for southern slaves? It showed people how slaves were treated, allowing people to experience the same emotions as the slaves.
What commonly used argument from the 1800s did John Brown use in his last speech to argue against slavery? God wants _______. To follow the "Higher Law"
What political party did Abraham Lincoln belong to? Republican
Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln cause southern states to secede? What did Lincoln promise? The south feared Lincoln would create a federal law to abolish slavery. Lincoln promised he would not allow any new slave states.
What is the "moral law' or "higher law"? What god wants/ gods "laws"
Did Texas agree with the idea that people should follow a "higher law" than the constitution? No- Texans complained that Northerners were following the higher law and not the constitution.
What complaints did the South have about the North? The North has made the South poor with tariffs, they are killing southerners, not enough representation in congress, refuse to give south money, and they are helping slaves rebel.
Which famous Texan refused to support Texas secession? Sam Houston- believed the south would lose the war because the north had too much power.
When Texas seceded from the union, what did they join? The confederacy
Eli Whiney's Invention of the Cotton Gin _______ 1793
Missouri Compromise _____. What was the outcome? 1820. The north did not have slaves, the south did.
John C. Calhoun and the "Tariff of Abominations" ______. What was the outcome? 1828. The slave states relied on the cotton industry and were forced to pay more for the products they didn't provide.
Nat Turner Revolt ______. What was the outcome? 1831. After his rebellion, stricter "slave codes" were enforced.
Compromise of ______. What was the outcome? 1850. Territories in the Mexican Cession voted for slavery.
Uncle Tom's Cabin ______. What was it? 1852. It is a book about the horrific life of a slave.
Kansas-Nebraska act ____. What happened? 1854. Kansas and Nebraska were supposed to be free states, but congress instead enforced popular sovereignty which erupted violence.
When was the Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision decided? 1857.
John Brown's Raid Harper's Ferry______. 1859. John Brown +50 men raided a federal arsenal in Virginia, planning on arming southern slaves. He failed.
Election of ______. 1860. 11 southern states tried to secede from the U.S., but Lincoln stopped this because the U.S. is perpetual, meaning he thinks the U.S will be one forever.
The Civil War started in _____ and ended in _____. 1861, 1865
Fought mainly over the issue of _______ slavery
Northern States= the _____ (mostly republicans) union
Southern States= the _____ (mostly democrats) confederacy
Who was the Confederate president in the 1860s? Jefferson Davis
Who seceded first: South Carolina or Texas? South Carolina
What did Sam Houston oppose? Texas seceding
Texas Seceded with the ______ Ordinance of Secession
When did Texas secede from the union? Feb. 23, 1821
What exact day did the civil war start? With what battle? Where? April 12, 1861. Battle of Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina.
Created by: carolineconner